Sorry its a bit late guys, i might start doing it a lot more often again now seeing as the blogs getting more and more views than ever before, makes it feel worthwhile!

Quick thanks to Tony and Craig from Parham C of A’ing the 6 last weekend, then giving us a hand to fly as there were view club members there! At least there Junior member they bought with them got a fly round with me (straight under a cu-nim and rain made for an interesting flight)

Few pics, none of which are too interesting as there wasn’t much about. Although on the Saturday it was a packed day with lots of club members, perhaps the most in years (quite literally) more of these weekends, it will encourage more instructors and push the cub forward.

As a quick aside, if any instructors do read this blog from any other club, and your short of hours, or want to do more, throw me an e-mail channelglidingclub@hotmail.co.uk and organise a weekend to come down and we can give you as much flying as you want!

Cu-Nimbs kept appearing all day

Launching between the rain


No instructor until 12 unfortunatly, i would recommend getting everything out ready for when bob turns up as it is quite likely to be soarable, i expect to around 2.5 – 3k so half decent.  Starting off with a North West, slowly going through Northerly to North easterly. This could work out perfectly for anybody going x-country. Use the westerly airflow to get high enough to press inland, and about 2 as the wind comes round you’ll have a tailwind all the way down to Ringmer, and the cloudbase should increase as you go westerly.


May be a bit damp first thing, but will clear as the wind goes SSW, only about 10knots so should be some soaring, perhaps being kicked off by the ridge, and then will probally sea breeze mid afternoon so get there early to get on the list.

I believe, all gliders but 1 of the 13’s are Servicable, the 8, and 15 should both be out if they know whats half decent!

See you Sat around half 1 once i can get away from work.


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