News update and the weekend


I’ve had an e-mail (or two) from Mark Rushton up at wellad in regards to their flying week. I will copy the e-mail below (just for fun i will also include his story of a landout the other week…haha, sorry Mark)

you guys are invited to join our flying week, 31st July to 8th August.  Bring your own toys, or fly ours – we will have at least one spare K8 available, some Junior availability and maybe the odd second seat in a private Blanik if anyone wants another type in their log book.  Winch and aerotow, and we will scrub reciprocal membership charges.  Free camping on site, or doss in the clubhouse.

Talking of which, I ended up landing out at RAF Wittering on Saturday after flailing around for two and a half hours on my first foray of the season. Too embarrassed to post a claim, it was that grim, but good fun. On the plus side I confirmed that my new flarm box is seeing other gliders, and the integral logger is creating readable log files – far less hassle than the EW logger I’ve been using for the last few years.  We now have 3 flarm equipped private gliders on our site.

Sorry Mark, they should all know what there letting themselves into when they fly with you. haha just kidding!

The Weekend!

From what i’m aware Saturday will be a full flying day, with Colin down, and no booked trial flights! This is the perfect oppurtunity for some proper training with Colin, make the most of him, and i expect he will be giving lots of check flights as he hasn’t flown with a lot of you in a while so on your best game!

Sunday i think there may be a few flights in the morning as Alan is coming to check out Steve Chappers, but only for a few hours, and i think Pete Tucker is winching (hope that doesn’t put anybody off…) Still waiting on parts for the 13 thats up at Challock.

Side Note

The 15 is nearing its final finish, the lettering is being put on tomorrow and then the paperwork has to be sent off (approx 2 weeks perhaps?!) Reason i’m mentioning this is because there are now several members trained for cross country now but with no experience, well i want to run perhaps a full weekend with day briefings, and some small lead-and-follow tasks for those who want to take it a step at a time, local tasks for those not x-country trained, and then perhaps bigger runs to ringmer (and back).

I will keep you all posted, but what i really want is to get more out of the soaring we have, especially with the likes of Steve Potter and Eddie Streeter starting there silvers, Steve Chappers his bronze, and WIll coming up for Solo, we need to take the club forward, not just instructor wise, but soaring wise too!



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