Brief update!


Thanks to the guys who came down to de-rig the 13 Thurs night…

De-Rigged in the hangar

And thanks for the chaps who came to re-rig it after its annual. . . I think you’ll all agree we need a womans touch around the club on a more regular basis…

De-Rig a glider anyday, a hoover on the other hand...

Whereas i flew whilst everyone else slaved away, took a winch launch at about half 4 for an hour up to just short of 4k! Respectable climbs, there was a weird convergeance, the hills either side of Dover were drawing the sea air in and two fires about 2 miles from each other were blowing towards each other (180′ difference in wind direction) and pushing the air upwards, and there was literally just one big cu.

Heading towards a better climb

4k over the club

Got two video’s here,  one for Steve and Steve and their Ka8, and one for everyone, read the writing at the end, and remember this every time you fly!

The external link for the 1st is…

and the second…

Saturday is looking perfectly flyable, maybe some early soaring!

Sunday is looking just as flyable, and with a southerly, should be some good soaring until about 2, then sea breeze, and like today, i think it will recycle! Had a lot of late soaring the last few weeks.

A huge well done to Stafford who completed a 300 today up at the Hus Bos Regionals, he got round and even managed to send me a pic of a very smug look when he clearly realised he was on final glide home…


3 Responses to “Brief update!”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Regarding the second video, once you’ve seen a wing drop and ground loop for real, you really won’t think twice about pulling the bung when the horizon isn’t, well, horizontal anymore. I wouldn’t have thought that a Nimbus, if dropped on its nose from 20 feet, would bounce, but now I know differently. The glider ended up inverted, and the lucky pilot had one more flight that day – in a helicopter to Birmingham hospital. If the tailboom hadn’t survived the crash intact he might have had a more leisurely ride in an ambulance to Kettering crematorium. The only message must be, if you think you can hang on and pick the wing up, DONT DO IT. If you don’t believe me, ask Simon – he’s seen the same thing at another club…..

    Cheers all, see you at the weekend

    Mark R

  2. Mark Rushton Says:

    “Don’t go too far downwind”

    Does Reculver not count as “too far downwind” at your place, then ?

    Explain yourself Potter….


  3. Steve Chapman Says:

    I recall we agreed 5:1 in the K8 downwind, it’s about 16 miles so should have been all fine with enough height.

    You did have 19,000′ didn’t you…

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