Le Weekend…


We have the wonderful Mark Rushton around this weekend, i hope you all watched the videos on the previous post, Mark left a very dramatic comment, but it’s too the point and very very true. I expect he will elaborate on this at the weekend.

Bit of a problem, Saturday is looking like a fantastic day, i’m not going to forecast, i will use Marks forecast…

Hi guys

Looking at the weekend weather, early indications are :

A good day on Saturday, cold sector, ridge building and light westerlies (anyone need 5 hours ? Go early and get inland ?)

Sunday might start ok but go downhill rather quickly

You might want to invite your guys to plan accordingly – let’s try and get the most out of Saturday…

The problem is, Russ, bought that Skylark, and he wants to do some work on it, which means he’ll prob want it rigged, so theres some heavy lifting… just a heads up.

A sneaky preview here for some of you that may be interested…

What could it be...


One Response to “Le Weekend…”

  1. Russell Says:

    Heavy lifting !! only took two of us to lift it last time i rigged it and a person to guide it home.Blimey mat are you sugesting glider pilots are weaklings??Well i supose plastic is light lol.

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