Finally Some News


Sorry for the long delay since my last post, we all know how so so busy i am, on holiday and all that!

Anyway, we have ALL our gliders back! Which is fantastic news!

My gliders back and flying, and is now back at Waldershare so i’ll be up Saturday PM after work to fly!

Will Blair – Hickman has finally gone Solo, not on the most still days, but after flying with Alan he was able to complete a very very good circuit and was down in 5 mins. He has since done 4 more safely so bronze for him next! I’ve flown with him so i no he can thermal.

This weekend, well if your not heading up to Welland for their task week, we may well actually get some decent soaring! Both days looking good with light winds, so get there early, get up, get inland or it WILL sea breeze. Its frustrating for everyone when we just can’t quite reach those thermals, well i can assure you, they are there to start with first thing, as i’ve done countless cross-countries from there, and if all goes well, may well blast a task out Sunday!

If you are interested in a trip to Welland, myself and Will are heading up there late tuesday to start flying Weds – Sunday. They have a lot to offer, mainly no sea! So it would be a great oppurtunity, with Paul and Mark up there you wouldn’t have to worry about being overlooked, and they have some gass to fly, and a ka8 which will be another type for most of you (except the Steve’s, who recently took Lady P to the vintage rally at Challock and got some positive remarks on its jazzy inside)

Anyway guys, no time to put any pics up, as i want food then i’m off to the pub. It would be brilliant to see a good turn out Sat and Sun for the 15 coming out the box and some decent weather!


One Response to “Finally Some News”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Without wishing to put the curse on next week in the Midlands, the long range forecast for next week is for pressure building from the west and light northerlies – possible very good for thermals. So, for those that decide to come up to Welland next week, there’s a fair chance of good weather, and an excellent chance of good hospitality. You can camp on the airfield or simply doss down in the clubhouse. If anyone wants to join our lot on any of the social evenings we have planned, could you give me a ring on 07976 199804 and I’ll make sure your places are reserved. Remember to bring your logbooks and medical forms so we know you’re legal. As of today we have a K13, a Grob 103, a Junior and a pair of K8’s airworthy and ready for you…

    Cheers all


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