New Month, New News


I say news, a few updates really and some pics finally!

Sat – write off. Thanks to the guys who helped me out with the 15’s electrics and logger, all running perfectly!

Sun, early start, Colin got the guys ready and Simon soon had the winch ready for an early check flight for Will.  Fine, does well,  gets in the 13 to go on his own again, and it rains, and rains, and rains. Probally stopped play for about 2 hours, but we all remained positive (plus i demanded i wanted to fly the 15 so i can get current in it after 2 and a half years!)

Eventually we started to play again, Chris Grebby came to visit for the first time in many years, he got a short soaring flight so i rigged!

Scrappy Low Clouds

Well 1400ft launch, over the low cloud, lil scratch about at 900ft, but i wanted to do a proper circuit so kept that nice and high.

Maurice had his toy out too, so we had the ‘posh’ line out…

19 and 15

The Steves have their 8 being C of A’d or ARC’d or whatever the hell happens to them nowadays,  so them, and Ken had to fight over the 6, Oh, and the new solo boy Will even got his hands on it today, well done boyo for that, he had a few flights in it and really enjoyed it, fell straight in love with it.

Russ flew with Chris, Chris was impressed, offered to send Russ Solo, but he didn’t have a medical, so thats a shame, so heads up guys, next weekend, down the club, may be a new Solo, thus, a free drink! Oh and Will still owes his round for his Solo!

Me scratching low down in the 15

We had a few trial lessons, a day course that myself, colin, chris and bob all worked through together.

So to sum it up:

Maurice is getting current in his 19;

The Steves are without a glider;

Russ could be Solo;

Will did more solo’s and flew the 6 for the first time;

My glider is now all equipped ready for the juniors;

and finally i’m current again in the 15!

Next time its good, lets see some x-countries!

Final reminder, anybody coming up to Welland send me an e-mail –

I’m going up for Weds, so is will and i think Steve P, every one welcome, altho i’ve spoken to Mark, make sure you have your medical with you or you can’t fly Solo!


One Response to “New Month, New News”

  1. colin Says:

    It was a good day and thanks to everyone for pulling fingers out and getting 32 launches done. Thanks to Chris for his help and hope to see him there again soon. Mat, cheers for flying the one day course chap and Simon thanks for super launches all day long.

    Bob, thanks for sorting Mat’s electrics and doing some more trial lessons. I am down Saturday this week and hope you will all be down again, kit out early and any check flights done first so you can sort your selves out as the day goes on.

    Just a thought, dont think you only have to do launch failures and the like with instructors, we can help you with other matters, eg learn to side slip, practice stalling and spinning to build confidence, turning in early simulating sink during circuits and so on and so on. It will help your confidence and when soaring is not possible it can be fun . Honest ! Ask me for a look at the instructors manual, it’s not secret and makes great reading.

    One final thought, know any one where you work or play who might want to come along for a flight ? Work at it, if ever member of the club gets one person to join or just come for a flight it will make a difference.

    See you all soon.


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