Ze Veekend


Well firstly thanks to everyone thats viewed the blog since the weekend.  Biggest number i’ve had on a day i think, if not the biggest def well up there. Not sure why that is, maybe it was Colin looking at it lots?

Turns out, according to my trace from last Sunday, i did almost 100km flying up and down that sea breeze without circling once.  Shame more people don’t get to experience them like that, something that Waldershare can boast!

Please guys read the comments that people write, Colin for one is giving some good feedback on the weekends he’s down, i may even risk giving him a log in to post his own posts as and when he feels it necerssary! And of course, anybody else can request that if they want to put up pics or type about their flight.

Anyway, this weekend:


No trial flights, and Bob is down to babysit all Solo pilots and the few ab-initio’s we now have. If anyone has any friends that want to fly bring them down and we can get them flown.

The weather is perhaps the better of the two days, but nothing incredible. Easterly with a touch of North means it’s coming right off the North sea, so your looking probally at low clag in the morning, with it brightening up and probally just being a bright sunny day with the wind increasing in the afternoon, with probally not huge amounts of thermals about. Maybe try and find another stonking sea breeze? There there all the time, just not normally as defined as it was last weekend.


Well we have Colin all day, and he’s bringing strong winds and low cloud with him i think. It will be flyable til about late afternoon time when the wind will get so strong it will be silly to fly in our gliders. Maybe… it may be straight down the strip in which case it could be fun for some decent launches, and flying with Colin in challenging conditions.

Alternativly, with a strong NE, take a trip to Ringmer or Parham and see what they have to offer on the Southdowns, i would but i’m on duty at Challock and can’t really afford it til after the Juniors.

After this weekend i am off to the Juniors at Bicester. Wish me luck, first comp in two years, and still only done one x-country in the 15 so don’t expect to much of me. Thanking Tom in advance for crewing and if you do want to keep an eye on probally how dreadful i’m doing, here’s what i think is the link:


If that doesn’t work, just google it. I’ll blog about it at the end of the comp, maybe, depends how well i do…

Adios all, see ya’ll Saturday or in a few weeks time.



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