A not very exciting weekend


Saturday not a lot happend, trial flights and members flew, but no real enthusiasm as top cover and sea air pretty much stopped any soaring after 11.

Sunday, forecast was the same, and with a 3 – 4 knot 90degree crosswind and the upper wind keep changing with no real direction up or down the strip, we decided to choose a direction to launch and land and stick to it.

Apart from the usual group there wasn’t much enthusiasm again, so when we’d done a few trial flights and there was nothing to do, i decided we should play a game. Everyone there was Solo (except Russ who later turned up) and the ka6 was out, i thought we should have a ‘spot landing’ competition.

The rules were:

  1. The aim is to FINISH on the marker
  2. When you’ve rounded out and lost flying speed you must close the brakes so not to use the wheel brake and cheat
  3. And that was about it. We were landing downwind but towards the afternoon the wind got up so we moved the marker so we could do conventional circuits…

Maurice drew the short stick, quite literally so went first…

Maurice - 47 metres

Maurice managed 47 metres,  the 5m tape measure we had…wasn’t going to be enough as we found out.

Next up, me:

Matt - 12 metres

Matt : 12 metres.

Following that was Will, who didn’t do too well, so he had another go instead…

Will - 68 metres

Nigel was up next…

Nigel - 30 metres

A good attempt but i do think there was a touch of wheel brake involved on this one… 30 metres

Next Eddie…

Ed - 32 metres

Ed managed 32 metres.

And last but not least, Chappers thought he’d quietly have a go. Now considering i’d just flown a trial flight and was walking back about 30 metres from the marker, he did rather well.

Chappers - 25 metres

Steve managed 25 metres.

I hope you all enjoyed many pictures of a high vis jacket, to us it kept us amused anyway, and to be honest, it was either that or a dull cloudy sky, and i’m pretty sure everyone saw that today.

  1. Matt with 12 metres
  2. Chappers with 25 metres
  3. Nigel with 30 metres
  4. Ed with 32 metres
  5. Maurice with 47 metres
  6. Will with 68 metres

Next time we’ll get the instructors involved and Simon down at the winch. If anybody has any other ‘games’ they play on non soarable days, let me know, i’m sure it will just perk up those boring weekends.

On a side note well done to Paul and Nigel, passing there BI courses. Two more instructors to add to our ever growing list. Thats two home grown BI’s we’ve got now and i’m going to go for my Ass-Cat early next year aswell, hopefully we can see a bit more of Staff so he can help me out with that!

And it was wonderful to see John Reeves back in the glider. He’s well on his way to being healthy again and is going for his medical so he can continue to fly, and just for good measure Bob took him for a trip round.

John Reeves back in the flying seat with Bob

And just for the record, on my last flight i think i did pretty well…

Matt continued to play the game in the 13...

And for the record… i didn’t move the jacket!


One Response to “A not very exciting weekend”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Good news on the instructor front. You won’t be needing me then…..


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