Weekend 11/9, 12/9.


I’ve had a look at the forecast, we have Mark down this weekend, so flying both days.

Saturday as far as i can tell really, theres a front hanging right over the center of england, with cloud in front and behind it, with some rain. We may be alright for the best of the day with no rain, but a lot of top cover, its looking like circuit fun!!!

I did have a print screen of this but its not working and i’ve just found some pics of me from the juniors online so i’ll replace an important weather forecast, with me…

me a/t juniors 2010


Sunday, quite frankly, looks awesome! 5 hours, 50km, silver heights, 300’s, the lot. And i’m bloody working til 2! But i will be rigging before work so i can get airborne asap and do something remotely decent. Ian, Maurice, feel free to tag along…

Here we have the chart of Sunday mid-day, with a nice high and that cold front clearing nicely, leaving perfect air for convection and thermals! Wind is from a Northerly/Westerly direction, so no sea air or, we may get lucky and get that superb sea breeze we got last time we had this wind!

Sun mid - day 12th

With these sort of cloudbases (and as i always say, ignore the blank bit around all coastal areas, we all know that just because we’re by the sea we don’t get any lift is complete crap!)

Cu Base 12th

So guys, please, get there early, get EVERYTHING out, and bloody fly! May be the last decent weekend of the year. I’ll see you all at about half 2.

me landing juniors 2010


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