Well guys, weather isn’t looking too fantastic. Strong NW winds and a lot of cloud about. Not entirely sure what sort of cloud it’s going to be, either heavy mid – level or low crappy stuff. Either way its not going to be fantastic. Any ab-initio’s, well Paul Cronks down so if it is flyable then gives you a good chance of getting some good training in. What i will ask, is if your going to fly, or you want to, turn up at normal time as the cloud may clear by PM, in which case you want gliders ready and theres a lot of work that needs doing, clean the clubhouse to start with, seeing as winters coming in and we’re going to be spending more time in there.

On a second note, i went up to Dunstable on Weds as i had a day off and have some friends up there, took a 21 with a mate and did some aero’s, then had some soaring, followed by some more aero’s. Bit of a video here, how to lose 1,000ft in under a minute!

On a side note, i will be moving away in a few weeks time, so not around as much and perhaps not doing the blog as much. This blog has grown and grown and gets a good 300 odd views a week, it would be a shame for it to become inactive. So can i have some volunteers to take it over, i know theres a lot of you out there that take pics, or have stories to tell, it would be nice to get everything from a broader perspective rather than me all the time. I will of course keep you all updated with my flying inland 🙂


One Response to “25th/26th”

  1. Colin Says:


    Where you going ?


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