Hi Chaps,

Had a chat with Simon this morning. Please be prepared for a group of ten or so  needed to clear stones from the newly planted grass field. We will let you all know !  As a way for me to test that I can upload pictures successfully there should be a picture of My SF27 in all it’s glory and the latest picture I have of it in Tonys work shop with the wings painted in Silver awaiting final finishing.  Hopeully it will grace the gliding clubs of Kent next spring once again !



4 Responses to “SMALL TEST”

  1. Russell Says:

    I dont mind helping.Glider looking very nice Colin would look even better with me in it at 5000 feet lol

  2. SIMON Says:

    Excellent comments from a cfi in waiting.
    I think we all agree that it is an exciting prospect,being actively led from the front.
    This may turnout to be my best decision yet,as Chairman!

  3. Mark Rushton Says:

    Lovely pictures of HSG. The last paint job it got was done by Fred Thomas at Welland a few years ago. HSG used to be our club hotship before we got a Cirrus. I still remember the day our then CFI did the first test flight in her when she arrived, and all we could see of him when he landed was the top of his head peering out over the panel – turns out he hadn’t locked the rudder pedals off properly, and they shot forward on the winch launch, forcing him into a very unusual seating posture if he wanted to continue to control the glider in yaw. Did my first 100k in HSG as well – happy days.

    Cheers all

    Mark Rushton

  4. Says:


    Many thanks for your comment about SHG. I completely overlooked the possiblity that you would be familiar with her despite travelling up to Welland to view her and subsequently collect her from your club.

    Your suggestion for the 27th superb and many thanks for the offer.


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