Ok, it’s possible we will be snowed in but if that does not prove to be the case a few plans are shaping up. I am working with Stafford towards my full cat instructor rating and will most probably need the use of a K13 for most of  Saturday. However, we will try to get as much use out of the other k13 during the day as humanly possible and need members to get to the club and help get the launch rate up. An important point that and one we need to come back to next year. Paul, Simon and Bob can come up with the numbers but the simple fact is chaps that successful gliding clubs have a good launch rate !  Or in other words , the more launches done each day the more revenue is achieved. Initial examination of our historic records show that the easiest way of getting more launches at WDP is fairly simple ; start earlier !  An advantageous aspect of getting started earlier is that the soaring day can be maximised. Getting a 5 hour flight in at WDP is not easy, you need to be ready to go at 9.00am. You may not get into the air for an hour or so but if you are not there at the launch point with your water and food and map and logger  and a winch driver prepared to give you a launch and so on you may miss the one opportunity in a summer where all the factors necessary come together. So  give these matters some thought over the winter and take positive action.

Will try to let you all know more as the week-end approaches.



4 Responses to “COMING WEEKEND”

  1. Steve Chapman Says:

    Good advice on the being fully prepared for the badge claims Colin. Now there appears to be a couple relatively inexpensive FIA/BGA Silver/Gold badge approved flight recorders, could be worth getting one of these, to save worrying about who has the club one.

    Marooned in London for a bit at the moment – but good luck with your full cat training if the weather holds.


  2. Paul B Says:

    Colin mentioned that there are some stats to back up what is actually obvious – but here they are anyway. From some analysis of this year’s log sheets to about the end of September we averaged 3.8 launches an hour. Each flying day averaged 5 hours between first and last flight – that’s 19 launches a day, one every 16 minutes. Also, on the 46 log sheets I looked at, only on 3 days was the first launch before 10:30am and on 27 days the first launch was after 11am.

    Colin, your SF looks very smart.

    On a positive note, I have at last after much anguish got the paypal ‘pay now’ buttons working on the website and there is a Christmas Ad on the front page that has already come up with our first on-line order. Hopefully this is going to bring some decent funds and will save on a Christmas ad in the paper.

    Mark, I may well be up for flying on the 27th, keep us posted.

    • Steve Chapman Says:

      > got the paypal ‘pay now’ buttons working

      Wow – eCommerce, we’re on a roll. I’m well impressed Paul.

  3. Russell Says:

    Colin if you are going to be using a K13 all day us members bags DNV.Maybe this weekend i will get the chance to fly the K6 if this is the case you can fly any K13 you like.

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