A Happy Matt


Well guys,

i know i haven’t been around because of my re-location etc… but i’m extremely pleased to see the blog being updated, and the member commenting etc, a big thanks to Colin for helping out on this, looks like he even got a pic or two up!

If anybody else would like to put up pictures or stories of certain flights etc, then please let me know and i can give you an account where you can log in and update the site with your own stories. Of course they will be managed so no overly rude content!

Anyway, i have  no real news to deliver, except its a shame the Ka7 has finally gone (or going), i did all my training in that, and it was beautiful to fly. On that note, *SOMEBODY HAS TO DELIVER IT TO ITS NEW OWNERS!!!* Simon would happily do it, except he no longer has a car with a tow hook. Guys, this is a prime example of everybody needing to help out, it CANNOT be the same people, we have a small but strong membership, lets show a tad more unity! Expenses will be paid and i’m sure a few people will come along for the trip to help out. Please contact Paul or Simon ASAP!!!

And in the mean time, a few pics of my Gold Height from Denbigh Gliding Club in North Wales. I’ve already asked a few, but it would be great to get some people to do an exhibition for next winter. The ka13’s wont be able to fly, perhaps not the ka6, but if i have enough people, i can maybe fiddle getting the owner to spend a week taking members up in his duo, and then single seater boys can take theres…

Wave Bar over the site

Lots of wave systems

No third hand to show 10,000ft


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