Last weekend (a tad late)


Last weekend there was a touch of easterly in the wind, which is normally a write off, and a huge high pressure bang smack over england. So my expectations of any soaring were not high!

Luckily, i was wrong, and there was some soaring to be had. Myself, Bob and Nigel all had our instructor checks with Stafford. The night before Staff said to me i had to choose from one of three answered to the following question.

Whats the chances of you making it to the top of the launch:

a) F**K all

b) F**K all

C) F**K all

Well we all survived, i thought id try my turn at a bit of winch driving, on my first launch, Nigel with a trial flight found a scratch of something, and that was me off, the ka6 was dragged online and i was soon in the air. Although i wasn’t too optimistic…

Not exactly a 'classic' sky

Not exactly a 'classic' sky

I did however manage to contact a little bit of lift, and saw on the ‘upside down averager’, nearly 2 knots average at one point, i got up to about 1900′ before the lift became unusable.

The only way to go, was a long old slog into a headwind towards Deal. Not quite sure why, but i commited myself and scared the sh1t out of myself as i got there at about 1000′, it would have been more than marginal getting back, so this was it, my first climb or land out scenario of the season (i do hope im not starting how i mean to go on this year)

Not the most attractive looking clouds to head for

Not the most attractive looking clouds to head for

Well luckily i did find a knot or two and climbed up over my house

I then managed to scrape myself back to the airfield (now getting really cold, wasn’t a hot day)



At this point i saw the Ka8 boys had started to rig, and had a message on the radio asking to stay airborne so they can follow me.

Yet again i don’t get why on potentially good days people don’t rig just in case,  by the time it takes to rig, especially in this part of the country, you could have missed your chance of any decent soaring.

Anyway so i headed out over Dover Castle

Nice views

Nice views

And finished an hour and a half off a struggle to stay airborne off with some formation flying with a hawk?!

Not sure if it will come out on the small picture

Not sure if it will come out on the small picture

And when i landed Paul had a go in the 6 and got some soaring in,  i took my seat in the winch again, and was left to launch the rest of the afternoons gliders up.

It was especially interesting when Bob was having one of his check flights, when me and my old man both said almost at the exact same time, “this will be interesting”… and it was from where we were sat…

It was closer than it may look there!

It was closer than it may look there!

On the sunday i believe Mark Rushton got some soaring in (finally), and a few others got some 15 minute flights.

The highlight though, from what i’ve heard, is our very own chairman, driving retrieve cars over piles of tyres and getting it stuck…

The following is from a very reliable source:

Proof Simon was trying to hide the evidence!

Proof Simon was trying to hide the evidence!

I do have an official statement:

As we all know, the brakes aren’t fantastic on this particular retrieve car, and the power steering has no fluid in it, so when i realised the gap wasn’t big enough to go through, i decided to speed up and try to drive over some tyres, realising it wasn’t going to work, i could not swerve or brake, thus this incident occuring.

If you ask me, i think this needs to have a bit of a caption competition.

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