April brings soaring!


Well its been a slow start to the season, with few soaring oppurtunities at the weekends, but Sunday was forecast to be soarable, and soarable it was!

Saturday had the usual gang minus a few down, Stafford and Colin did some more flying together and some of the members annual checks were carried on. Paul and myself did the trial flights, and as usual Simon the winch master gave splendid launces all day, despite the decreasing and veering wind throughtout the day.

Sunday was a late start, there were no more than 6 or 7 members, but there were 5 gliders out! The most of the season so far! Ken did some soaring with Bob, Maurice did some flying in his 19

My cockpit under a street with Maurice bottom left

We didn’t launch until gone 12, and there was a lot of top cover forecast for the afternoon, and we got an hour or so, but i personally didn’t get above 2300′, with one really good climb of 6 knots +, but after that when i pushed inland a bit, the top cover really slowed them down to only 2 or so knots.

So i then headed downwind for the coast, over deal where there were the best looking clouds, ironically, over my house again.

And i got a great pic of deal with the sea front and pier


A congratulations is in order, Russel got himself in the ka6!

Russel up slacking

Russ launching

And he came back down with a lovely smooth landing

Russ landing

i think you’d class this as a happy person…

Well done Russ! One step closer to that bloody skylark!

And on a lesser note, nobody quite knows why the Chairman has an issue with the citreon, last week he was trying to destroy it using tyres, this week he decided to get a 3 tonne winch to help with his handy work…

Chairman Simon Waters looking very happy with himself


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