Saturday 14th!


Well if i may say so myself, my forecast was pretty bang on!! A few of us got there nice and early, and we had 4 gliders at the launch point by 9.

I was first online and the weather was looking soarable but not fantastic, so i waited whilst the rest of the gliders were bought to the launch point. I got in my glider at about 20 to 9, and waited! i was waiting for the perfect run of clouds into wind as there was a strong crosswind.

I think i finally launched at about 10, and only got 800ft! I’d planned to have a lil higher than that, and the cloud i wanted was looking very far away! I ended up going for a do or die climb, and scratched away high enough to push back upwind to a decent climb.

My original task was 200km, up to sittingbourne, then across the estary to wormingford, then back. I got to faversham very slowly into the strong upper wind, and with every climb i took the crossing went from looking like it would be easy, to looking like i’d end up in the sea…

eventually i got an off the clock climb up to over 4500′ and to the west it looked bloody stonking, so i set off to see how far i could get, bearing in mind i knew the good weather would be cut off about 1 ish…

I got as far as Darwell Resivoir, and the weather was getting worse and worse, with 2 knot climbs become rare, and more and more over development i thought it was best to head back.

I was about 70km from WDP, and it was gone 12, so i’d now left myself about 45 mins to get back before the weather cut off. (Luckily i had a small tailwind component to help me out)

I got to Ashford at about quarter to 1 and the sky was starting to look like this:

Spreadout sky!

The South East corner was still looking quite soarable so instead of just gliding into WDP i kept taking cimbs til i eventually got to about Aylesham and the sky ahead was dead, so i glid out to Deal to use the last of my height and then back home.

I got back to WDP and threw some height away, wheel went down, then bumped into 2 up at 600ft…wheel up and away i went up to 4700ft. (shame nobody took the logger up in the club gliders – silver height easily done!)

I then just went for a casual cruise down the coastline.


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