Hello all! Next week is the start of our first flying week in a long long time.

Monday 30th is when it all formally kicks off, with Mark down from Welland being ‘director’,  i will be doing Met and Tasks (god help us all). Wellands CFI Mark Prickett is also down with there tug.

With a whole row of privately owned gliders lined up, aswell as the chance to fly in Wellands Junior that Mark is bringing down, it should be a good week!

Even on those non soaring days we must take advantage of the tug and get as many people cleared solo as possible. As discussed a few weeks back the tows may be expensive, but we have to make up the money on the ferry costs of the tug all the way from Welland.

This week in no way is going to benefit the club financially! It is for the members benefit, if you don’t use it, it won’t happen again, and that will be such a shame!

Lets see new solo’s,  bronze legs, first x-countries, 5 hours, and hopefully some 300’s!!!

09:00 Monday 30th May. First briefing. Lets make it a week to remember!


p.s. any other pilots in the area that want to try there hand at flying from a tricky site…come and give it a go, we have plenty of capacity for more people!



  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    May I be the first to congratulate Steve Chapman on converting to the Junior today ? (Tuesday). Also hats off to Steve Potter for a heroic 5 hours attempt which ended at an operational P51 Mustang base. Oh and thanks for letting me take the K13 yesterday for over an hour with my mum, who has very recently suffered an extremely close family bereavement – it meant a lot to her. Going up at 6kt to 5000 ft over Dover Harbour meant a lot to me too…..

    Cheers all

    Mark R

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