Been quiet on here for a while so just a short posting. Over the course of the week end I believe Simon flouted some exciting ideas for the way forward for the club. Interesting to see how this all pans out over the coming weeks and months.

I had the pleasure of taking my full rating test over the course of the weekend with Dave Williams (regional examiner) and Tony Moulng (regional coach I think is his job title). I managed to scrape through by some miracle and I must give all credit to Staff for his efforts in mentoring and coaching me. I must also say thank you to hannel Gliding CLub for lending me DNV for the week end to take this test. Hope she gets back to WDP OK.

Hopefully the crops will be cut shortly making field landings feasible again and lets hope for some better weather. I need some solo hours and may well go to Hus Bos or some other unsuspecting club in August to try and get some solo time. Any one else fancy that ?

Enough for now. See you all last weekend in July.



5 Responses to “SMALL UPDATE”

  1. kentkamikazeRussell Says:

    Hi Colin,
    Well done,i am so happy that you passed.What do we call you now Colin or Sir??


  2. Steve Chapman Says:

    ‘Sir Colin’ obviously – well done Sir Colin.

    In terms of visiting a club in August, we were thinking of Welland. They seem quite unsuspecting & have a flying week starting 1st August.

    We just have to be careful not to mention we are coming in a public forum else they will become suspicious…

  3. Russell Says:

    I wonder why you want to go to Welland would it be something to do with they have a Junior and we havent?


  4. Mark Rushton Says:

    We’re listening, you know ! But just to re-emphasise, we’d be delighted to see a few of you at Welland for our flying week. I’m DI for Saturday and Sunday and can get site checks done for those that come. Rates for the K8 are down to 20p, and flying time limits are up to 90 min – more if the other K8 is still on the ground when you come back ! As for the Junior, we bought ours from HusBos who are now trawling the UK to replace one of their remaining two that was written off a few weeks ago ! We politely told them to go away when they asked us…

    Cheers all


  5. Steve Chapman Says:

    Just to say I ventured out to to Welland from London last Sunday and everyone was very sporting. They kindly put up with us breaking weak links, thermaling in the circuit, and a few other misdemeanors that are best left unmentioned. Plan to be back there for some of flying week & trying desperately not blacken my copy book any further, I gather anyone else who can make it (& not mess up quite as badly) would be welcome.


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