Once again it’s been a while !  A few good week ends and few not so good ones I guess.  A couple of Saturdays ago I was on duty and it seemed to be thermic pretty much all day. Steve Potter took a few attempts but finally got away fairly late in the day. Mind you, he was out climbed by Bob in the K13 enjoying a near two hour solo flight int a K13 ! Last flight of the day with Sam onboard we encountered a bit of sea breeze and held our own for quite some time. Long enough for a passing flex wing microlight with smoke in the cockpit to land !  He was Ok incidentally. Mat has also done well in the last few weeks at the Juniors and is to be congratualed. Lets face it becoming a “top” x country pilot from WDP is quite an achievement. Well done Mat and dam good luck to you I say.  This week end Simon has a BIG Saturday planned.  I am there , Mark Rushton is there, Bob is there and any BI”s we can muster should make a great day. if only the weather plays ball. And if not, we shall make our best shot at it any way ! Come along because there are not many week ends left this summer. Early start please every one. Early heads up for any one interested. First week in September I am visiting Husbands Bosworth gliding club,com_mjfrontpage/Itemid,32/

This is perhaps the second biggest gliding club in the country so if you fancy coming along if only for a day and seeing how a big club operates along with someone you know give it a thought.  You may well find it a revalation, 4 cable winch, numeroud tow planes loads of private gliders, a bar, a restaurant, daily briefings. Worh a visit.  See you Saturday.  Colin.


4 Responses to “COMING WEEKEND”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Regarding Colin’s reference to a visit to Hus Bos in September, you may be aware that I took out a second membership there for 2011 to boost my XC flying. I am also on the instructor team there, so if anyone wants to poodle about in a K21 or a Puchacz with me in the back then I’m happy to oblige. See you on Saturday, although I may be a little late – Friday looks a good XC day, so I’m likely to be flying from HB and traveling down to Kent on Saturday morning

    Cheers all


  2. channelgliding Says:

    Mark you should perhaps fly to WDP from HB…
    only 250…im sure a man of your calibre can manage that easily enough…

  3. Colin Says:


    Many thanks for that info about you and Hus Bos. I am afraid I had no idea that you are on the duty crew though I do remember you telling me about your trailer woes there. I apologise. I suppose this is great for WDP members as this means they have a friendly face at Hus Bos when ever they want. I used to drive up to Hus Bos on a whim occasionally, leaving work in Croydon at lunchtime and arriving at HB in time to jump into a Junior as Mick Hughes was professional instructor there. Mick had sent me solo at Kenley in 1999 and thus the connection. Great times. I did my Bronze legs there in my Astir and enjoyed it tremendously. A great place. Mick is now at Tibenham in Norfolk. Anyway, watch the weather for the weekend chaps !

  4. Mark Rushton Says:

    Funnily, it has crossed my mind. I am, though, reluctant to give up valuable height to dip below the 3500 ft ceiling to cross the Thames – yes I know, people do it, but these are lunatics who value very close views of the Thames Estuary far more than I do !

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