Weekend of the 24/25th Sept


Just a brief update for you guys about this coming weekend.


Colin is on duty, he’s due to do some instructor checks with me, and start working through members annual checks also now he’s formally the Big Dog. Also expect large quatities of spinning because:

Aerotowing is going to be available, costs TBC but for people wanting to work towards finally getting cleared after our flying week stint with a tug, tomorrow is the day!!

Weather is looking pretty good. Wind will be a gentle southerly, and the RASP is looking optimisitc for some soaring from 11/12 onwards for a few hours, don’t think i’d risk a x-country flight with the gentl southerly, the day may cut off early with the sea air.

It looks like theres going to be a lot of top cover holding over the centre of the country, fingers crossed it doesn’t drift our way!

Sat 24th

Sat 24th

Gliders are all serviceable and with several new retrieve cars, hopefully operations will run smoothly this weekend and become the norm.


Looking like a quiet members only day with no formal structure, turn up and fly!

Weather is i think looking slightly better than sat, with perhaps a touch of west in the wind which may well keep the sea air at bay for a little bit longer, and i think its due to be a longer soaring window aswell. X-country? Maybe good for Steve with his 50km. If it looks as good on the day as i think, i may even offer to take someone in the k13. Early start is going to be needed though all weekend, as always at Waldershare Park, get up early and go!







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