Hi guys.

I absolutely hate the term but a few “lessons learnt” last weekend with the Dimona. Simon has matters in hand and aero towing at WDP will move forward and will be a regular feature of the operation. We will keep you posted.

We have been studying launch trends and the like and conclude that the club can succeed if we make small but significant improvements in the way we operate. For example we have all ready identified that launching two gliders together works. We will continue with this when ever possible. However, we need to improve more. For example having retrieve vehicles half way up the field ready for when gliders land. It saves a few vital minutes and cumulatively may mean an “abbo” gets to fly before the end of the day and thus remains motivated and enthusiastic.  This may mean the difference between success and …. Well need I say more ?

So, over the coming months we will be trying ways of maximising the launch rate. We may make mistakes but we will learn and improve. Please do all you can to help. We are also open to ideas and discussion so please put forward your suggestions. Lively debate will help this club move forward and I welcome this.

I want to progress annual checks as soon as possible and I want to reiterate what I said at last weeks briefing… you will need to demonstrate the ability to recognise and deal with stall with wing drop and demonstrate knowledge of what is actually occurring in such a circumstance in order to “pass” your annual checks. I am also concerned that pilots are not completing their pre flight checks adequately. I believe that following the check list is only part of the story, what you are really doing is getting your head together for the forthcoming flight, switching on your air mindedness before you are accelerated along the field and into the air.

I have been trying to obtain a copy of the existing Flying Order book in an attempt to avoid re inventing the wheel.  If and when I get my hands on this there will be some significant re evaluation of areas. For example, I am not at all sure what the clubs currency rules are, rules for progressing from daily checks and so on and friends and family flying rules.  The BGA quite rightly say that pilots taking friends and family for a flight should be able “look after” their P2 just as well as a Basic Instructor and thus we will need to address this over the coming months. I will help where required just let me know of your interest in obtaining a friends and family rating.

Anyway, we expect high pressure to remain through the weekend and I am on duty at WDP this Saturday so please come along and lets get some good safe flying done.




  1. Ken Ellis Says:

    Hi Colin.

    I am satisfied with reading the blog, but feel free to use my e-mail
    if your message is personal.

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