OK I know it’s not a very imaginative title but it is the best I could do. Record temperatures last Saturday and not a bad days gliding considering the stable air mass. The new airfield cars all working and functional – lets look after them. Funny to see the number of times people climbed into the wrong side of the left hand drive Polo. Many thanks to Ian Russell from Challock who came along and gave us the benefit of his BI skills. Ian flew the K6 (another type in his log book) at the end of the day and I would imagine was an interesting contrast to the LS 4 he owns. Once again thanks Ian and I hope to see you at WDP again.  It’s good for CLK/WDP relations, and I encourage such interchange.

A parachute went AWOL apparently which if it isn’t found would mean all the good work in terms of launch rates and trial lessons on Saturday would be a wasted effort, financially speaking.

I did a check flight with Ken and he passed! Brilliant, well done Ken. He then went on to fly a K13 solo and I look forwarding to consolidating our new found relationship in future weeks.

We have a much more autumnal period of weather with us now so who knows when we will get some more glorious soaring conditions. Let’s make sure we are all ready for next spring, annual checks performed over the winter and currency standards maintained.

Quick question, what are the members feeling in terms of the best way for me to communicate with everyone? Use your e mail addresses or use this blog ? Let me have your views.








  1. simon waters Says:

    I think its great that you communicate events,achievments etc via the blog!we must remember to keep taking pics,so we can also record a visual diary of things.
    We have previously received some great compliments from non members who find the the whole thing interesting and informative!
    keep up the good work.

  2. Russ Says:

    Hi I think simon is spot on ,the blog is a great place to communicate.i have a pic for the blog but dont know how to put it on.Colin looking forward to my GFT as now the 50 solos are out the way ha ha

  3. Colin. Says:

    Thanks for your comments chaps. Sorry about the lack of pictures I did take a few the other week but I didn’t think they were up to editorial standard. Will try harder in future. Russ, looking forward to your GFT enormously too & congrats on getting all the flights in. Rememebr approx this time last year and your first couple of solo flights ? Fantastic.

  4. Paul Says:

    I think the blog is the best way too. You never know, having been cleverly manouvered into the safety officer post by certain club members who shall remain nameless (Simon, Colin), I may put the odd safety bulletin here too. Will I need to do a crash course I wonder?

  5. Nigel Says:

    Well done Russ and good luck with your GFT. I agree with Simon that this is a great place for the CFI to keep everybody informed. As well as news of events and achievements perhaps Colin could also let us have his thoughts regarding gliding in general and Channel Gliding Club in particular.

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