Well thank you to everyone who turned up Saturday and hung around to chat to the folks from the BGA. We had a productive meeting and some interesting suggestions arose from my conversation with Diane King.  One thought is to hold some “groundschool”  and or aviation related after dinner speeches  over the winter months. Ok, I accept the “dinner” may be  a sandwich or two but you get the idea. Would really appreciate any suggestions for such events ? Between us we must be able to come up with some interesting, innovative and perhaps unusual subjects that we can apply our minds to. We know a few people from Headcorn for example who could probably be persuaded to come along one afternoon or evening and give an interesting talk on power aerobatics or parachuting or model flying, bet Nigels got a few interesting maritime tales too ! Anyway, give it some thought and ideas gratefully received.  You may notice in the club house a new Safety Folder has appeared thanks to Pauls good work. Please familiarise yourselves with it as soon as you can. I will complete the Flying Order Book update soon and I will bring this to your attention shortly.

You may be aware that there are to be changes to the instructor hierarchy within gliding as we become EASA compliant. The deadline is April 2015 but we need to be making preparations for this soon. The first impact is that club CFI’s become Flight  Examiners and this process has begun for me. We have 3 Basic Instructors at Waldershare and it would be sensible for at least one to become an Assistant Instructor during 2012 in readiness for the new BGA Instructor rating being introduced. Anyone who has Silver or a reasonable prospect of achieving Silver during 2012 please come and talk to me about progression to achieving an instructor rating. It is fun, challenging and confidence bosting to achieve an instructor rating so give it some thought.

Let’s hope for good weather next weekend and some great flying.



3 Responses to “WINTER PROSPECTS”

  1. simon Says:

    Great idea Colin.I particularly like the idea of asking someone
    from the parachute club to give a talk on bailing out in an emergency!I think everyone would find that interesting.None of us would want to but if we had to,would we really know what to do?

  2. channelgliding Says:

    A link to a useful Q and A from the BGA about new licensing etc etc…


  3. colin Says:

    Unrelated link I found on glider pilot net… well worth watching


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