Some good news for us for once!!! No longer will we get squeezed between either going into the LTMA 3500 or the sea, south of gatwick they are increasing the LTMA to 4500!

Here is the link with all the details:

Or if you can’t open that:

updated airspace

updated airspace

What this means is, EVERYBODY who flies x-country MUST have an up-to date chart.  As you should know, it must be a half mil chart, and for us (unless your Russ and want to fly to France) it will be the southern England and wales chart.

You can buy them here:,000-southern-england-amp;-wale.asp/charts/ukcharts

*i’m sure you can buy them in other places, i’m just putting this link on here for ease for people who don’t know where to find these things.


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