Hi, A good weekend for you at WDP I understand, sorry I could not be there.

A few important points :-

1) All members (fully paid up) must have read and signed the Flying Order Book before the 1st April 2012. Instructors will check from this date and you will not be allowed to fly if you have not signed.

2) All solo pilots must have their annual checks completed by 1st April and I need a copy of the completed check form in my possession before being allowed to fly solo again.

3) During the Olympics  (14th July 2012 to 15th Aug 2012) any pilot intending to fly X country from WDP must leave a declaration form with the log keeper before take off. Definition of X country will be simple…..  if my 52 year old myopic eyes can’t see you, you are flying cross country !

Sorry folks but enhanced record keeping keeping is an inevitable part of EASA etc.

See you all soon.



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