A good turnout of members and a warm welcome to Paul who joined us on a one day course. The weather brightened during the day but the light wind caused problems all day in terms of deciding which end to launch from.  We managed to complete a few annual checks and congrats due to Rus. Thanks to Simon for winch driving in the awkward conditions, Paul Bolton for  trial lessons and Bob for instructing where needed. Honestly, thanks to everyone who contributed through the days flying,


We really really need to tighten up on launch point efficiency before the season gets fully under way folks. I don’t think we are talking about major points it is more a case of several little things. By the time the cables arrive be ready to accept the cable, persons chatting around the lights should have spoken to the winch driver by the time the pilot has accepted the cable so that once the wings are level the signal begins. Retrieve persons in the car as a glider approaches and ready to go. Probably most importantly we need to be ready to fly once morning briefing is completed. Please think about these areas and lets work together over the coming weeks to achieve gains.




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