Easter Weekend


I’m desperately trying to work out the forecast for the weekend, but everywhere i look has a different story. Either Friday or Saturday will be really good, not sure which one yet… but a 5 hours will be on the cards and 50k’s for those with a glider (chappers?) With the ka6 u/s it will make hogging a ka13 a little bit harder than usual.  Maybe now’s a time to buy a share in my 15….

Anyway, we plan on flying on every decent day over the fri-mon. It would be nice to get some idea of who we can look to expect, if nobody’s around on the sunday/monday then there wont be any point!

We’ve had some really good turn outs on a Saturday recently, perhaps more people will be wanting to come on the Sunday instead/aswell now the weathers getting better? We want to work towards making it a 3 day a week operation, not going backwards and only flying 1 day a week.

pictures courtesy of Mark Rushton


One Response to “Easter Weekend”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Nice photos, Matt !


    Hope to get down again in late April. What’s up with the K6, or shouldn’t I ask ?

    Cheers all


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