Well Bob was in charge Good Friday and I believe a pretty good day was had. Steve Potter took his K8 for a good hour or so. Matt took the ASW 15 for a lengthy flight and some good two seater flying acomplished too.

Saturday was the start of my summer “contract” but sadly the assembled group were met with grey skies, cool temperature and drizzle. We were able to de rig the K6 and get the fuselage on the way to Tony for canopy repairs. The sky brightened over lunch and we commenced flying. Nigel was able to complete a 3 flight course with Tracy, and I was able to fly with Maurice (new member) who has come on in leaps and bounds since I last flew with him. Clive  had his first go with the trimmer with me and we did some circuit planning stuff on the white board at close of play. Those fortunate to live near WDP adjourned to the pub while I hit the M2 arriving home just after seven… a long day. I think we salvaged the day despite the weather.

The clubs new Astir will be coming soon, the K6 will be back on line and we will be flying Saturdays and Sundays so start making your plans. In general I am there Saturdays, Staff, Bob, Paul and Mark will cover Sundays and we also have three great BI’s in Paul, Nigel and Matt.

Written in a positive tone….Use it or lose it folks !



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