Well it has to be said that April has lived up to traditional British weather patterns. Saturday a rather low turn out probably due to the forecast, but I think it was fair to say those who turned up had a pretty good day. We got Ken back to solo and trial lessons seemed to have a good day despite sitting for half an hour in a hangar while a massive cloud burst passed.  Late afternoon we de rigged DNV ready for it’s annual.  Sunday, Staff was in charge and a pretty good day overall I am told. EDU de rigged ready for it’s annual. Lets hope all is well and the gliders will be back on line next week end.



One Response to “4 SEASONS IN A DAY OR SO”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Can’t believe you guys have been flying. Welland is under water, an absolute quagmire. I had my first flight in 4 weeks during a brief weather slot on Monday at Hus Bos, where even there they were restricted to the 400m tarmac peri track for launching and landing as their field is also sodden. My April was made complete when my trial flight student heaved up into my beany hat on downwind – don’t underestimate how distracting that can be ! Hat now in ladndfill. Cheers all – M

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