So, we arrive to find yet another wet and miserable day. There was hope though as the forecast suggested improving conditions. We took EDU up to the south end of the field avoiding the soggiest bit of field. I took a launch with ballast in the front seat to check out the K13 after its annual. I soon discovered the ballast was called Maurice and was happy for me to check out the K13. We landed and now conditions were looking promising. Another Maurice climbed on board and suddenly it was soarable ! A really good day panned out, Chaz from Challock did a soaring flight with me, 2000 feet over Deal, Steve Chapman flew his K8 for over an hour and then sat in his Land Rover for the rest of the day no longer wishing to mingle with the sub 5 minute pilots . Ken flew really well with me and Nigel seemed to have a good time too. Mat took off in his ASW15 and returned in time for tea. Lessons learnt ? We should not write days off too early at WDP. At ten in the morning I think most of us would have gone home and done decorating or watched telly. We rescued a day here, in  fact we did more than that we experienced some great soaring at WDP and achieved some good landmarks in flying careers.

Next Saturday  we have a really busy day in store with a group of young people coming along to experience gliding. I would very much like someone to take on the role of launch controller to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. Volunteers ? We must remember we have responsibilities towards our young guests and we need to demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times. Events such as this our important to the club as it grows  (and how many clubs can say that during these difficult times ?)  and we need your support. Please come along and help in any way you can.



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