Well, it’s certainly been a difficult time over the last few weekends weather wise. The club has recently reached some landmark agreements with local ATC squadrons and WDP is going to become a much busier place. If the rain ever stops that is ! We will give you more details in  due course.

Olympics and airspace continues to concern me. Please remember if you have not signed my sheet to confirm you have read the CAA leaflets, understood them and received briefings you will not be allowed to fly solo from Waldershare during the Olympics. There will be no exceptions. Who ever is running the launch point will be asked to check and you will not be launched if you have not signed. I may have to impose more restrictions in addition I am afraid, depending upon developments between now and the 14th July. I really can not stress the importance of compliance with the airspace restrictions enough. You will be monitored by ATLAS if you are within 5 miles of the “brick wall”,  if you penetrate the air space you will be intercepted and if you do not comply with instructions you will be dealt with by lethal force. The impact on you is obvious. The impact on the rest of us will also be dramatic. Don’t be the one responsible.  

As I can not guarantee everyone will read this blog please discuss this matter with your fellow club members when ever the opportunity presents itself and spread the word as often and as much as you can.



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