We have a big BBQ and fly in organised, plenty of planes due to fly in in the evening, £5 landing fee and £5 for a BBQ. Its important if you’re thinking of coming you let us no ASAP so we can get enough food to cater for everybody.

Flying will commence early with a morning briefing at 09:30, with the airfield set up before then. Its looking like a strong line up of single seaters with all gliders servicable, perhaps get everything rigged and get some new pics for the blog/website. Winch launching will cease around 16:00 so there are no cables on the field for visiting aircraft.

There is NO set airfield frequency and it is land at your own discretion, but airfield info will be available on 130.100.

I’ve been down the airfield a few nights this week prepping my glider, and i know Russell’s new glider has seen plenty of attention, lets make this weekend one to remember!


How many of you are that dedicated to your glider…. (i’m sure soon enough i’ll have to be signing Russ up to a singles website)


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