Overall a superb day. The sky was soarable from the start of the day with clearly useable cumulous out to sea. Highly unusual. Hugh Browning BGA safety officer present for a review of the club and plenty of members ready to go. By the end of the day, Steve Potter Silver duration (well done Steve, superb effort), Steve Chapman an excellent flight in his new whizzy glider. Loads of soaring flights and all trial lessons introduced to the unique WDP atmosphere.  We even had a visit from former CFI John Reeves in his Faulke.  And a passing Spitfire gave a small display over our airfield before performing over Dover . Excellent.




  1. Russ Says:

    Well done to all,Shame i had other things to do.
    I would like to share a link with you guys,
    I found Rasp very hard to use and understand but after looking at this link it all became much clearer.I hope it helps someone.

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