A quick update for anyone concerned about matters at CGC. Sadly weather has prevented flying for pretty much the last 6 weeks. The field is currently very boggy at the south end and flying is not possible at the time of writing. Simon will of course keep you informed by text as usual but in the mean time lets hope for better weather and start to look forward to a fantastic 2013. Don’t forget annual checks need to be completed in plenty of time for the new season. Same process as last year.

1) All members (fully paid up) must have read and signed the Flying Order Book (an annual requirement so yes even though you signed it last year you need to read and sign again) before the 1st April 2013. Instructors will check from this date and you will not be allowed to fly if you have not signed.

2) All solo pilots must have their annual checks completed by 1st April 2013 and I need a copy of the completed check form in my possession before being allowed to fly solo again.

Bob attended a seminar at Parham a couple of weekends ago and refreshed his rating in terms of being able to supervise the running of the field. Well done Bob. AGM in January folks, so please make an effort to come along and make your views known. And to remind you of better days to come :-

k6 and 2 strong men



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