Keeping busy


 A good turn out on Saturday with many jobs completed or well underway, The field is still very wet now the big thaw is underway and the winch was also suffering a flat tyre Thanks to Ron the Don and the Potter who enjoyed playing lumber jacks as well as Bob and Maurice who gave the fleet a good inspection etc, Simon was busy looking after the winch maintenance and new tyres are now due to be fitted to the winch this week. Paul B refused to put on the marigolds and went straight in to cleaning mode and I gave the Dyson a trip round the club house Russ has been up to the club and surveyed the boot room ceiling and door for repairs so plans are in place for that area of the club house to be put back in to use ASAP Hopefully some flying days will be with us soon however if not another working day is planned for next Saturday, the club house is now clean and the coffee and tea has been replenished as well as the chocolate bar tin and cans of drinks. Please can all members keep muddy boots out of the club house and I recommend you bring an old pair of shoes you can leave in the club house, I will invest in a new shoe rack for that purpose The club requires a second hand vacuum cleaner if anyone has one 




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