So it’s 9.30am and I am ten miles west of Waldershare in the sleet and snow, headlights on, wipers on full blast thinking the chairman of CGC is bonkers. I arrive at the airfield to find the sun trying to break through and a few keen members walking gliders to the south end of the field. My goodness that wind has a bite to it, and snow starts falling. Still the chairman insists it will be soarable, very worrying. A bit of sun appears and we launch the K13 with Ron on board. Then the K6 with Steve C back from his USA adventures.

Well you don’t need those US of A thermals now do ya !  Half an hour or more for both of them.

The season kicks off, the K13 completes trial lessons, the K6 does further half hour plus flights and although everyone is  bit chilly we all get flown. Top effort those that turned up. Mat, UK team member will have his LS8 at the field shortly and the sun will shine and flying will blossom, and the Oly of VGC fame is present on the field and a mix of old and new will soon be gracing the skies.

Come on jet stream, move north and play the game !


Still think the chairman is bonkers though !



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