Two busy days. A good early start on Saturday and soaring flights from the off. Bob even got the motor glider out and did a couple of good flights. The sun shone, it might be my aging bones but I was freezing in the northerley breeze. Simon gave us all great launches almost from dawn to dusk and Tony from SE Aero Service spent the afternoon inspecting the gliders. Sunday, the wind had dropped, though this became a nuisance, we had to change ends 3 times during the day as the wind shifted with sea breeze and sun shine. Despite this good soaring flights for nearly everyone and no where near as cold as the previous day. A group of cadets had a good day and their efforts working on the field were much appreciated.  Ireckon this could be a good summer at WDP. Come along!


2 Responses to “APRIL SOARING !”

  1. barry Says:

    A great afternoon at the gliding club, simon and colin was very good and made sure we picked up some good thermals, to give us some extra height.
    A session at this club is a must.
    paul, barry jnr and barry snr

  2. londonlightingcompany Says:

    Another excellent lesson at the channel gliding club 18th may 2013
    thank you gents

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