wdp happy trila lessons

So the forecast has not been great this week but we decided to give it a go. Greeted with brighter than expected weather, overcast but there were certainly dark bits of cloud possibly worth exploring, so Steve rigged the ASW 24 and Bob White rigged the KVGC Oly. I took long term member Terry for a K13 flight and we climbed a couple of hundred feet under a bit of dark looking stuff. Steve had a less successful first flight in the ASW but his second was more successful. A group of trial lessons (picture attached) arrived to keep Paul busy and the day was turning out rather well. However, early afternoon, the air suddenly turned cool, Steve put the ASW away and I admit I rather expected a dull ending to the day. Only the pasties kept us cheerful. Then suddenly the sky cleared and the sun came out and within half an hour cumulus everywhere and all pilots scrambling to their machines to take advantage. Gordon and I put in six useful flights in the K13 to get him nearer to re soloing (former power pilot), a day I rather look forward to. So thanks to all who turned up and put some effort in, it is going to be a tricky summer and the club needs people to step up to the mark in the coming months to fill vacant roles.


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