After a long lay off of an unprecedented 11 weeks we finally flew.

A hardy bunch of souls in wellies turned up and got the gliders out and under strict instructions from Safety Officer Paul Bolton, did a ‘double DI’ 

Meanwhile with a little help from Jim’s 4X4 together with sheer will-power we got the winch to the Southern end with only minimal damage to the field.

Bob kicked off with a few check rides and we were soon back in the groove.

Steve ‘the potter’ dragged Lady P (k8) out and promptly managed a credible hour and a half.

Greg performed well and was rewarded with his second solo.  Even Ron dropped in, surprised to see us flying.




Hardy Souls!


Matt was carrying the WDP torch at Lasham and had an opportunity to fly this seasons new toy (Std Cirrus) very kindly loaned by Sean Lapworth.  He is entered for a number of comps including the Club class and his final ever Juniors.  Why not get involved and go to the comps as well … it’s amazing.


ImageImage Matt ‘somewhere over Hampshire’ on Saturday

(pictures taken by Luke Dale)




2 Responses to “FLYING AT LAST!”

  1. Adam Parnell Says:

    Excellent to see people airborne again!

  2. channelgliding Says:

    Well done chaps. I take my hat (& wellies) off to you.

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