Such a lovely day


Well I for one have been really focusing on my comp flying so haven’t spent any time at Waldershare, so today I turned up and had no intention of doing anything except see the guys and get some work done. (the latter didn’t happen).

The wind was down the strip, a good number of gliders and maybe, just maybe a chance of some soaring…

The atmosphere was glorious, every body was just on a high, every one wanted to be flying, there was even at one point a 15metre sprint race between Greg and Chappers for the ka6… Chappers won (he did have a head start).

Whilst this was happening Potter was in the 8 and refusing to come down, until nearly an hour and a half later, laughing at everyone else who struggled with a mere 15 – 20 mins.

Eventually I got lucky and was launched with a trial lesson into 4 knots which took us to 2500′ (more to go but that was plenty of height for the BI pata).


Chappers managed to pry Potter out the 8 and came up and enjoyed the climb aswell.


The Steve’s then had some BI training with Colin, whilst Paul dealt with a good number of pay on the day trial flights.

I personally would like to just say thanks to everyone who was about, it was just a fantastic day!

and naturally a huge thanks to our winch King Simon.




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