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Well, an era draws to a close as Matt flew his last ever Junior Nationals, held at Lasham, this year.

Competing in an LS8, kindly loaned by Jez Hood, (back from finishing 3rd in the Worlds) he had an uncharacteristic poor start on day 1, landing out after 37km (most of the field landed out), leaving him a disappointing 33rd overall.

Day 2 was a late task, starting at 16.30!  But he finished 2nd which pulled him up into the 20s on the scoreboard.

There followed a series of good daily results, including another 2nd and a 4th, leaving him in a very creditable 8th at the end of the Comp.

Colin visited mid-week and joined in the fascination of a large grid being launched by no fewer than 8 tugs!

On the Saturday, by 10.30am there were approx 160 gliders on the grid and whilst they were waiting for the start to open, I counted 31 gliders in one thermal overhead Lasham!

The Comp season has now finished but if you get a chance to attend a big one next year, then do it – you will be amazed!

Now it’s up to Greg to step up to the mark, as it were, as we’ve been represented at the Juniors for 7 years and we all expect him to carry on the tradition!  There were four k6’s competing, so no excuses!”


20140824_111924[1]Finally, can I give a special thank you to Steve the Potter for standing in for me last weekend.  I understand your efforts were appreciated by all.


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