We hold in our hands a piece of paper


We talk naturally of the fabled Basic Instructor Course Record. Signed up at last after Steve Potter & I attended a course at Kent Gliding Club where everyone was most welcoming. As with everything gliding nothing goes too easily and the course was cut short a few weeks back by bad weather so today we finished off with some ridge soaring, another aerotow & a flight in an immaculate Grob 107b motor glider (see picture).

Really just a big thanks to the endless patience of everyone down at Channel Gliding Club to get us both from completely inexperienced ab initio up to the level of Basic Instructors.

Also a big thanks to Welland Gliding Club for all the aerotow training which was invaluable in preparing us for this – beers are owed.

Talking of beer – cutting this post short & heading to the pub to celebrate.

Steve Chapman

Three clubs and about fifteen man years - how hard was that.

Three clubs and about fifteen man years – how hard was that.


6 Responses to “We hold in our hands a piece of paper”

  1. Mark Rushton Says:

    Woo hoo ! Well done chaps.Now you can show visitors how you break weak links…..

  2. Paul Bolton Says:

    There you are see, all that worry and nagging doubt for nothing. Things will really start to happen at the club now… such as punch ups as three BIs fight for the one K13 over the winter! Despite that, well done to both of you, brilliant. A huge and positive step for the club.

  3. Steve Chapman Says:

    TOST make ’em – we break ’em.
    You’re only jealous because you don’t have a blue star Mark.

    • Simon Says:

      “never,before.on the field of gliding. Has so much been owed,by so many,to so few and for so little!!”
      winston churchill 1940.
      plagerised by simon waters 21.30
      Well done Steves.

  4. Stafford Says:

    Potter what is failure NOT AN OPTION good boy & you also Mr Chapman. Its time I changed my glider again I trust you will wish to take the upgrade to a Nimbus 3DT option now chaps

  5. Steve Chapman Says:

    I know you really want LadyP Stafford but we have to hold out for something better than a straight swap for the Nimbus. She’s something quite unique.

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