The sun shone and the wind blew from the NE …… again!

Good turn out and despite the fresh winds everyone flew including a number of trial flights, courtesy of Paul.

Peter’s K13 is proving very popular as it’s fully kitted out and everything works.  Since taping the wing roots it flies nicely and is as quiet as a church mouse!

Speaking of which, massive thanks to Joan and Julia for conducting the most comprehensive Spring Clean of the Clubhouse for a number of years.  Woe betide anyone who makes it dirty!

During the deep clean, Julia was seen running from the Clubhouse, waving her arms in the air and seemingly running without her feet touching the ground, topped off with loud shrieking noises! We believe a large nest of mice had been uncovered under the sofa.  This new dance sensation will be known as the ‘Mouse trap’ and the younger people are already mimicking it!

Finally, well done to Jim for being signed off as winch driver.  His mechanical contribution will be most useful.


One Response to “SUNNY APRIL DAY”

  1. jim lambert Says:

    Mechanical contributions… well. Played Spot the Vitara Alternator, got the beast off in about 30 mins, lotsa wear inside.
    Frightened myself looking up prices on eBay, 2 available, £260 plus quoted!
    Found an Irish company selling overhaul kits, in the post now, 25.50 euros… big difference!!
    Leaky power steering pipes on the Shogun, next job.
    There’s a door to fit in the clubhouse, might keep the Mickeys out.
    Decisions…. do I cut down an external door from my stock, or fit another internal size to the outer world. Last one is suffering!
    Winching was a little interesting given wind conditions and the vagaries of the engine, between 3 and 7 cylinders mostly… with a fickle battery terminal clamp adding to the fun.
    Spanners, please, Jeeves.
    See you all again soon! Jim Lambert

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