So the “guvnor” sunning himself some where far away, Bob similarly absent BUT the day that DNV returns from Kevin s workshop dawned. A bit of a disappointing sky greeted us but G – ClOC at the launch point along with the K6 and a new Basic Instructor raring to go. Morning proved to be tricky, low cloud drifting across the field and an awkward cross wind. However, Paul and Toby set off for Challock intending to fly DNV back as soon as Kevin finished the paper work. A change of ends was required and flying finally under way. Eyes looking upwards for sight of the re painted K13 were eventually rewarded. Paul and Toby landed and we were back to two K13’s on line, enabling us to pretty much finish the flying list before nightfall. DNV looks very good and Paul reports it flies beautifully. G-CLOC is exceptional so the fleet really looks the part this year. O, and there is a new Cirrus on site too. Some new members as well,  welcome Darren, Toby and Amy. This could be a good year, make it happen !

dnv at wdp may 15 PETERS K13 AT WDP


2 Responses to “DNV RETURNS”

  1. jim lambert Says:

    The winch driving aspect was interesting! Dandelion seeds and windsocks show which way the wind blows… wish I could find a way of posting the picture of the windsock actually turning itself inside out!!! It took a little while for the winch engine to clear its throat, and the first launch failed in a cloud of white smoke. Chairman’s latest advice was “Don’t break my winch!!” – knowing that the throttle stop was broken made me a little reluctant to apply welly, just in case the full 200 plus horsepower got applied to the glider. The last launch attempt was downwind…. so much grunt was applied that a joint failed and a certain amount of pandemonium ensued at the winch end! All sorted now Simon..
    Seems there is now a glider capable of carrying my weight in a non aerobatic manner… however, spin training might be difficult. Hang on, had an idea, I’ll bring the Cessna Aerobat down and someone can check me out in that….

  2. simon Says:

    Well done guys…great team effort.wish I could have been there to help!see u all next week.
    Off to beach……

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