It was good to see a few members at the club in the morning despite the rather overcast conditions. Weather forecasts varied but it was expected to clear around lunch time. And it did !

In the afternoon, Steve Potter completed his first ever BI flights and flew his new Standard Cirrus successfully. good stuff. Steve Chapman flew his glass glider and everyone that hung on for the weather got at least one flight so thanks to everyone. It will be improve !

Darren even got to sit in a single seater, for the future hey Darren ?



2 Responses to “RUBBISH MORNING BUT…….”

  1. jim lambert Says:

    The junk clearance progresses, field looks tidier and space has appeared in previously inaccessible locations… some has been hijacked for more junk.. a couple of vintage looking mowers are now on site. Now there’s a race against the grass, getting them up and running properly! I paid for these up front, and would like to see them used with care. If the numbers work out better than employing a contractor, great…
    I will be spending more time at the field midweek, so if instructors and enthusiasts arrive, a good chance of a winch launch is possible!
    By prior arrangement please!! Jim Lambert – 07549 665 965
    I could use a hand now and again…. tools and overalls supplied!

  2. Darren Darby Says:

    Watch that single seater closely Mr Steve 😉

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