So operations switched to Sunday this weekend due to instructors being required to attend various weddings. A quiet day therefore ensued but a little excitement was provided by Mr Potter, the photo below truly invites caption suggestions, so feel free, fill yer boots !

Darren took advantage and is well on his way to solo status. Bob flew his Faulke and Paul showed us all how to do it once again.

Next weekend is likely to be a double header so make yer plans please.

potter motor faulke


5 Responses to “POST WEDDING BLUES !”

  1. jim lambert Says:

    A nice new lampshade from Ikea, found in Steve’s rucksack….

  2. jim lambert Says:

    By the way, congrats to Jeff Tyrell for the most intuitive use of the winch, seriously good flying as observed from inside the cage…. the rest of you, watch and learn….!!!

  3. Darren Darby Says:

    Well a great day of diversity on the air field. Great to see Bob out and about. SP in the Circus…I mean Cirrus. Paul and Jeff getting some great height on the launch.. I would have been able to get at least 1800ft but unfortunately the inconsistency of the winch driver meant I.d just have to be happy settling for 900ft 🙂

    Once again thanks to Colin for a fun and informative training day and to everyone else for the encouragement, support and very helpful handy tips such as don’t do this or that whilst Colin is looking.

    But in true fashion our resident tobogganing BI no names (POTTER) stole the show with his low level parachute display. We really need to work on those canopy drills mate.

    So..Pondering Potter’s Plight Proves Pickling, Peaking Prematurely Popping Parachute Pre-Flight……

  4. jim lambert Says:

    Whaddya mean, inconsistent????? My launches are always that bad…… !!! Okay, on a really bad day you might settle for landing straight ahead…..
    You’ll get better launches without the critical element in the rear baggage compartment. Get a few more launches right, you’ll find out what I mean.

  5. jim lambert Says:

    On the subject of filling yer boots…. where did the chairman find his little white cotton socks, ah bless…..

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