The day was forecast to be dull in the morning and brighter in the afternoon. And so it was !

A good turnout, a winch driver, and some successes. I don’t think I have to write much more, look at the pictures and don’t forget if you click on them you can zoom in.

DARREN AND CFI DARREN first solo landingDARREN10




  1. Paul Bolton Says:

    Well done Darren, brilliant news. It only seems 5 mins since I took you up on the trial flight. You couldn’t even spell pilot then and, blimey, now you are one! 😉 Paul

  2. Steve Chapman Says:

    Great stuff Darren. Congratulations though I have to say that bare chinned chap next to you is demostrating an aching need for a beard.

  3. simon Says:

    Who let that beard loose on our shiney new k13?well done Darren

  4. Jim Lambert Says:

    Nicely done Darren…. isn’t the silence from the rear seat eerie though….!!

  5. Toby Freeland Says:

    Fantastic Stuff Darren! You beat me to it! 😉 Well done!

  6. Darren Darby Says:

    Well thank you all for the kind words. I just really want to extend the gratitude to all for the encouragement and help in achieving this mile stone. Special thanks to Colin for his patients and guidance but honestly you have all chipped in with advice and tips along the way so once again……. Thank you all. Come on Toby you’re up next! PS Simon please try and keep that power on during the launch 😉

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