Well the day looked promising when we arrived but the clouds dissipated rather quickly. However, the day continued with light winds pretty much down the strip and wall to wall sunshine. We even had the off blue thermal to be worked. Matt and Aimee did a good number of flights and the two new BI’s worked hard, completing some 8 or 9 flights between them. Jeff, off the naughty step to be replaced by Terry for a minor breach of protocol ! The two of them looking forward to the purchase of their new glider, hopefully by next weekend. Come on Gregg the old chaps are getting ahead of you ! Thanks to Jim for working in the rather hot winch all day and then working on the radiator as the rest of us headed home. John turned up for the afternoon, been a bit poorly, hope all goes well John, thoughts with you mate. So next weekend is our fly in and Bar B Q, please come along and participate, visitors welcome. The field will look splendid and if the weather cooperates we will have a superb weekend. Come and join us.


3 Responses to “AUGUST ROLL”

  1. Darren Darby Says:

    Fantastic day had by all, it is so encouraging for us all to see to see Matt and Aimee doing so well and a it was a real pleasure to meet Rachel. Thanks to Simon and Colin for all the advice and thanks to Jim who sat frying in the winch. Well done to my old mate Jeff who is now of the naughty step 🙂 As for me I guess a few more flights then I’m going to kidnap the K6 and I’m off! you lot can deal with the retrieves and launches because I will obviously be away for a few hours!!! 😉 and I guess Simon will certainly provide me with some fuel in the form of crisps for my epic flight.

    See you all at the weekend. Looking forward to the BBQ.

    Terry…Enjoy the step mate….

  2. Jeff Tyrell Says:

    Many thanks dude, You’re very welcome to the K6 as me and the other two Musketeers have a new toy to play with (almost)
    I’m very relieved to be off the naughty step! Special thanks to Colin and Bob for your patience and perseverance, it’s very much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Jim Lambert Says:

    The evening shift radiator man also took off the thermostat housing and discovered a lack of internal workings. A bit of guddling with magnet will be needed to drag out the spring and capsule from the inlet manifold. New thermostat might improve engine performance and hence launches! Brace yerselves….

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