Saturday started with a rather dull grey cloud but a rather bright and vibrant club house ! Flying commenced as the cloud lifted but we quickly realised we needed to change ends. Once done, flying proceeded apace. Bradley re soled some 4 years since his 16th birthday. Jeff and Greg converted onto their newly purchased K8, some good soaring flights delivered to both club members and trial lessons and we had the pleasure of BGa developmental officer Alison. Around five pm various aircraft flew in to join us for the evening bar bq and a very pleasant evening ensued. Hope you all enjoyed it. Many thanks to Daren, Lavinia (hope I spelt that correctly), Liz, Joan, Rachael and everyone I have missed. Lovely to meet the families of some of our members during the evening. Sunday dawned a much quieter day at the club but once again a number of keen members got some good flights in and by the end of the day a good number of trial lessons had been performed. Thank you to Jim and Simon in the winch and for various other contributions. I think a memorable weekend for CGC. ¬†Personally I think diversification is the future of clubs like ours as the demarcation between one type of aircraft and another blurs, why don’t you make your views on this subject known ? This club is on a bit of a roll and we need to make some positive decisions about where to go so please don’t just sit back and let someone else decide, put something in, say what you can do for CGC not just what CGC can do you for you.

Finally, my phone crashed and all my photo’s of the weekend are lost ! I have been sent one to publish but any other good ones would be appreciated.

k13 pilots briefing

20150815_181637 20150815_181305 20150815_181259BEAUTIFUL AIRCRAFT


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