VERY HOT ………………. BUT


So the forecast said it would be a hot August day, and it was. The wind blew off the sea, almost at 90 degrees to the strip most of the time making for awkward conditions. Despite this we gave Terry an early check flight and got him sitting in the cockpit of his new K8. Nothing for it, off he went and a very successful first flight in his own glider ensued. Well done Terry. Lots of trial lessons, thank you Mr Potter and as always Paul. Mid afternoon and although it was blue, Matt decided it was worth taking the K6 and dragging Gregg along in his K8. What an excellent decision, Matt 5000 feet over Canterbury and Gregg with his first ever solo flight of over an hour. Superb. The instructors had social engagements and thus flying concluded at 4.30, frankly I think everyone had worked hard and were basically hot and bothered so most were happy with this relatively early finish. The launch point was a happy and social place to be in the August sun, though rather sad news reached us from the Shoreham air show during the course of the afternoon.  Some pictures of the Waldershare day below I hope.



One Response to “VERY HOT ………………. BUT”

  1. Jim Lambert Says:

    Hope I can recapture the sensation of heat to keep me going in January… hot air came in through wire squares in winch cage like hot chips!! Trees came to rescue me from torment later on. A sympathetic camper in the woods came towards me brandishing … a Chocolate Buttons cone!!! Ah the joys of winching!
    Went down field Monday and tidied up a little… rivers running off roof, a waterfall over the workshop door… oh me gosh!! So different

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